Proper Care for Your Refrigeration Units

When it comes to refrigeration, maintenance is key. This is especially true for businesses using specialized units like those from American Walk-In Coolers. For those in the mortuary industry, AWIC – American Mortuary Coolers offers specific solutions. Proper care ensures these units run efficiently and last longer.

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Daily Maintenance Tips

Clean Regularly

Dust and debris can accumulate. Clean the condenser coils to keep your unit running smoothly. For AWIC – American Mortuary Coolers, this step is crucial for maintaining optimal performance.

Check Seals

Inspect door seals regularly. Faulty seals let cold air escape, making the unit work harder. This is important for both American Walk-In Coolers.

Weekly Checks

Monitor Temperature

Keep an eye on the temperature settings. Consistent temperatures ensure your goods stay fresh. For mortuary coolers, maintaining the correct temperature is vital.

Inspect the Interior

Look inside your unit. Check for any signs of wear or damage. This step helps you catch issues early before they become major problems.

Monthly Upkeep

Defrost as Needed

Some units require regular defrosting. This prevents ice buildup, which can affect efficiency. Whether you have a standard unit or an AWIC – American Mortuary Cooler, defrosting is essential.

Test Alarms and Sensors

Ensure all alarms and sensors are working. These components alert you to problems before they escalate. Regular testing is part of good maintenance practice.

Yearly Maintenance

Professional Service

Schedule a professional service at least once a year. Technicians can spot issues that might not be obvious. They ensure your American Walk-In Cooler or AWIC – American Mortuary Coolers runs at peak efficiency.

Specialized Care for AWIC – American Mortuary Coolers

H4 Specific Guidelines

Mortuary coolers have unique needs. Follow manufacturer guidelines closely. This ensures the dignity and preservation of the deceased.

Learn More About Outdoor Walk-Ins

American Walk-In Coolers also offers outdoor walk-in units. These require additional care due to exposure to elements. Visit our website to learn more about maintaining these specialized units.


Proper maintenance extends the life of your refrigeration units. Regular checks and professional servicing keep them efficient. Whether you use American Walk-In Coolers or AWIC – American Mortuary Coolers, following these steps is essential. For more information on outdoor walk-ins, visit our website.